Schatzberg/Pacino Vol. 1: The Panic in Needle Park

A girl rides the subway. Despite looking sick she’s beautiful. She’s a monument, a beautiful monument. A soon-to-be-demolished monument. We are in New York City. West Manhattan. It is the 70s. This place reeks of piss, menstruation and other chemicals, sandwiches and Coca-Cola, banana cake, bad coffee, Kent cigarettes consumed by the mouthful. Veins filled with poison. Burned brains. Unhealthy layers of skin, both black and white. The Greatest City in the World.


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Le Roman D’un Tricheur de Sacha Guitry

“Sólo viviendo absurdamente se podría romper alguna vez este absurdo infinito.”

– Julio Cortazar


He’s disadvantaged, unlucky and a delinquent, but witty and sweet. I am talking about the main character in “Le Roman d’un Tricheur” (Confessions of a Cheat) (1936), starred, written and directed by French director Sacha Guitry, a film that is as picaresque as a Saul Bellow epic. The film starts with a sort of surreal scene with the director talking about the crew that helped him create the production. It was Guitry’s debut feature while already enjoying a successful career as a stage artist.


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Not a Film by Costa-Gavras: The Lost City of Z Review

James Gray’s “The Lost City of Z” (2017) is not about determination but obsession, and maybe also diligence. The conation of our protagonist, Percy Faucett (Charlie Hunnam), puts aside taking care of a family to find and ancient lost city in the Amazon that he baptizes as Zed. He ventures into the mysterious jungle many times in the film’s 20-something years timeline at the early decades of the 20th century, searching for a lost land that may or may not exist. I was not familiar with this piece of history, which made me enjoy the show without even knowing if it was a tale of fiction.

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