Month: May 2017

Revisiting The [second] Evil Dead

The first Evil Dead (1981) ends on the verge of a demonic orgasm that expands inside the guts of our dear cartoonish friend, Ash (Bruce Campbell, who else could’ve?), which gives birth, or continuation, to the iconic badass lunatic. The rest of the film is maybe a trip into our protagonist’s head, another dimension, or just a little haunted place full of splashes of multicolored pallets of blood somewhere in the Michigan woods.



Have a good one!


Hearts of Darkness: Their Finest Review

For the most part, “Their Finest,” which takes place at ‘40 London, is a friendly film in an unfriendly time and place. Pay attention and be careful: good people are not exempt from the world’s horrors (we just sadly saw that a day ago, also in England [a big condolence to the victims’ relatives in Manchester {to the responsible: stop the bullshit, read a book instead or masturbate or something}]). The film itself starts with a woman, Catrin (Gemma Arterton), dodging an explosion in the midst of a tumultuous England Blitz. We see dead bodies with open eyes, pairs of legs coming out of ruins. Catrin goes to her crooked apartment and we se her struggle out loud economically along her artist boyfriend Ellis (Jack Huston), who paints cityscapes as fucked up as their surroundings. Yet the new film by the “An Education” (still his best) director Lone Scherfig is actually romantic and gently funny with a nice dirty joke here and there.